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Culture & Heritage

Culture & Heritage

Museums, colonial churches, handicraft centers and the oldest human remains on the continent near Puerto Montt are just part of the cultural wealth of Chile. The fusion of different ethnic groups like the indigenous Mapuche, Aymara and Rapa Nui, Hispanic influence and modern immigration are reflected in history, gastronomy, architecture, religious celebrations and traditions. Chile holds 5 UNESCO world heritage sites and some of the largest astronomical projects in the world, like the A.L.M.A project in the Atacama Desert.

Easter Island

Easter Island is a Chilean island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With a size of 163.6 square kilometers and a population of about 5,000 living in Hanga Roa, the island’s capital, Easter Island is the biggest island in Chile. It has an amazing natural beauty thanks to its beaches, forests and volcanoes. The Rapa Nui people give the island a unique Polynesian cultural heritage, which claims the famous Moai statues as its most celebrated symbol.

About 11,000 years ago, the first cultures arrived to the Chilean north. The Atacameños were the original civilization of the area and founders of the so-called San Pedro culture, settling near the Loa River and around the oasis of the Atacama Desert. Today, the town of San Pedro de Atacama has great tourist relevance as it is considered the archaeological capital of Chile It is also located within a privileged environment, with beautiful landscapes and year-round blue skies.

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